Triathlon Training Resources and Advice

Here are some of the best triathlon resources on the web.

100 Best Running Shoes »

We know how difficult it is to choose the BEST pair of running shoes to help you train.  Thanks to our friends at Run Repeat, here is a list with reviews from over the world on how to pick the pair that will help your motivation.

Top Ten Triathlon Training Tips »

Whether you’re brand new to triathlon or a seasoned competitor, training is tiring and time-consuming. These ten easy tips go a long way toward helping you develop a successful process, so you can achieve your personal best.

Triathlon Swimming Guide »

In order to succeed in a triathlon, you have to start with a great swim. “The swim must be fast enough to get you to the bike leg in a reasonable amount of time, depending on your personal goals for the race,” explains professional swimming coach and triathlete Mat Luebbers. Following his advice is sure to help you make a big splash in front of your competitors.

Beginning Runner’s Training Program »

Running is all about building up stamina. This training program will help you work up to running two miles a day, every day, without breaking a sweat. You’ll also find numerous motivational quotes and training tips to keep you moving when the going gets tough.

Endurance Training: Going the Distance »

Driven to achieve an ideal physique, many athletes would prefer to “pump iron” than focus on cardiovascular exercise. But when it comes to triathlon training, endurance training is an absolute necessity. Improving your endurance will also reduce body fat by helping your body more effectively access and exploit fat as a fuel source.

Team in Training »

It’s hard to stay motivated on your own. Training with like-minded individuals can help push you athletically and encourage you when your commitment falters. Team in Training (TNT) is a charity sports training program that provides athletes with certified coaches, fitness training, and clinics on important issues such as nutrition, gear and injury prevention, as well as teammate support every step of the way. #jointheteam.

Tips Every New Triathlete Should Know »

Compiled by Beth Atnip of USA Triathlon, has a list of bite-sized tips that contain a wealth of valuable information on all aspects of triathlon competition, including training, pre-race, transitions, swimming, running, biking, nutrition, and having fun.

Nutrition Tips for All Triathletes »

No amount of training is enough if you don’t give your body the fuel it needs. This compact guide to eating properly for triathlon preparation and competition can dramatically improve your performance.

Real Foods for Triathletes Who Need to Eat a Lot »

When you’re engaged in a rigorous training schedule, you need a lot of food. Many athletes fill up on high-carb breads and pastas, or highly processed sports bars, cookies and drinks. The real food recommendations in this article can help you avoid the potential long-term health problems associated with this type of diet.

Swim, Bicycle, Run – A Complete Triathlon Resource Guide »

This list compiled by and Human Kinetics collects together a great amount of resources and further ready, handily divided into the several types of discipline.